Joanne Birch


Lecturer, School of BioSciences
Curator, The University of Melbourne Herbarium

BioSciences 3, Rm 119

ph: +613.8344.5040

email:  joanne.birch at unimelb dot edu dot au

Dr Birch conducts plant systematics and historical biogeographic research focusing primarily on monocotyledon lineages. Her research investigates the evolutionary relationships of plant lineages and how distributions of extant taxa have been shaped by evolutionary processes over geologic time. She generates molecular data to reconstruct phylogenies and morphological data collected in the field and the herbarium to identify monophyletic taxa. She also places lineages into temporal and spatial context by applying molecular dating techniques and conducting ancestral area reconstructions.

Dr Birch has conducted research in herbarium collections internationally, including at the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria (National Herbarium of Victoria; MEL), the University of Texas (Plant Resources Center; TEX/LL), and the University of Hawaii (HAW). In her current role as Curator of The University of Melbourne Herbarium she coordinated the creation of The University of Melbourne Herbarium Online Collection, directs development and management of the collection along with coordination of student, staff,  and volunteer engagement in the collection.